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How is your data transferred to our servers?

There always is an encoded connection to our servers, that ensures that your data is not read or manipulated on the way by any third parties.

How often is my data backed up?

We create a security back up of your data every day. This back up is stored on physically different servers to ensure that in an unlikely event of data loss the data can be recovered quickly.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in a data centre based in Munich, Germany. The servers are provided with a continuous power supply.

Who has access to my data?

We take data protection very seriously. The data is comprehensively protected against unauthorised access and is not shared with any other third parties.

Does cronsync use the data for any other purposes?

Your personal data is used for invoicing purposes only. To optimise our customer service, we evaluate anonymised statistical data related to the usage of cronsync such as the number of users, projects or time tracking entries.

Beyond that we temporarily save the server log-files including the access protocols. Those include information about the browsers and the operating systems of our users. This data is used for statistical evaluation purposes only and will be deleted after use.

Free account

Is it really free?

Yes! You can test cronsync free of charge and with no obligation.

In the free version you have:

  • 2 customers
  • 3 projects
  • 3 invoices
  • 2 team members

If you wish to continue using cronsync as a premium user you can simply convert your free account into a charged account.

Ist there a minimum contract duration or a cancellation period for free accounts?

The free version of cronsync is free of charge, there is none of both. Accounts expire after six months of inactivity.

How can I cancel my free account?

In case you would like your free account to be deleted instantly, please email us and we will take care.

Premium account

What does the premium account cost?

A cronsync premium account costs:

5 EUR or 7 USD (plus VAT) per user, per month

At any time you can upgrade or downgrade the amount of team members and you only have to pay for active user accounts.

How can I cancel my premium account?

You can cancel you subscription at any time within your cronsync account. After confirming your cancelation, your subscription will remain active until the end of your current subscription period. After this date your subscription will end, and you will not be billed again.

Quantity discount

If you need a lot of users we can offer you the following quantity discounts.

  • 5+ users | 4,90 € (6,50 $) per user, per month
  • 10+ users | 4,80 € (6,40 $) per user, per month
  • 15+ users | 4,70 € (6,30 $) per user, per month
  • 20+ users | 4,60 € (6,10 $) per user, per month
  • 25+ users | 4,50 € (6,00 $) per user, per month
  • 50+ users | 4,00 € (5,40 $) per user, per month
  • 100+ users | 3,50 € (4,60 $) per user, per month
  • 250+ users | 3,00 € (4,00 $) per user, per month
  • 500+ users | 2,50 € (3,40 $) per user, per month
  • 1000+ users | 2,00 € (2,70 $) per user, per month


Which browsers can I use?

cronsync works in all common web browsers. You need to allow cookies and activate java script to use it.

For Internet Explorer 6 and other browsers older than five years, we cannot guarantee that all features of cronsync work properly.

Can I access cronsync with mobile devices?

cronsync already works on some mobile devices. In a few weeks time cronsync will work on even more. We will keep you posted on any progress.

Are there any interfaces to integrate cronsync into other systems?

At present there are no interfaces available (API). We are working on this and keep you in the loop.

Can I also use cronsync without any internet access?

To date it is not possible to use cronsync without internet connection.

Can I install cronsync locally in my network?

The usage of cronsync locally with an own installation is not scheduled. cronsync is a Software as Service product. The advantages of this are that you save time and money in installation, administration and maintencance. In addition it makes it easier for us to offer you enhancements and improvements.

Found a bug?

Of course we want to keep cronsync free of bugs and have tested it comprehensively. In case you should find a bug, we would be happy to receive your notice! Please use the cronsync contact form for any bug reports.


Where can I log on to cronsync?

After your registration on cronsync.com, you will be receiving a confirmation email with your individual cronsyn URL. The URL is buildt like a subdomain: https://yourcompanyname.cronsync.com

Should you have deleted this email, please write us an email with your company name and the email address you have used for the registration.

How can I change my account name?

If you would like to change your subdomain name later on, please contact us. If your preferred name is still available, we are happy to change it for you.

I forgot my password. Please help?

If you have forgotten your password, please click the „forgot password“ tab at the log in page and fill in the form. Afterwards you will be receiving a link and instructions to reset your password via email. This link only works once, for security reasons. In case you would like to change you password again, please repeat the instructions above.

Alternatively you can ask your administrator to give you a new password.

How can I change my password when I am logged in?

You can change your password in "preferences" or ask your administrator to change it for you.


Can I use cronsync with mutliple users?

You can create as many users in cronsync as you need. There is no limitation.

Can I delete users after I have created them?

To delete a user is not possible, unless this user has not booked any hours yet. If this user has booked any hours, there ist he opportunity to archive/deactive her her or him.

Can I give a read access to my clients?

Currently this is not possible, but it is scheduled for one of the next feature enhancements.