Manage Tasks

  • Each booking within cronsync is assigned to a task.
  • Using tasks, you can manage your own projects and projects with team members.
  • Tasks can have a high priority, and a date and you can assigned them to one or more team members.

Comments and Notifications

Comments and Notifications
  • You can leave comments for each tasks. The latest comments always appears at the top.
  • When saving a task can sent to all parties a message with all the information about the task.
  • If you have questions you can get in contact with all team members involved by using the comment function for the tasks.
  • If a team member completes a task, all other team members will be informed via email about the completion.

Task overview

Task overview
  • High priority tasks in the task overview are highlighted and displayed at the top.
  • Tasks that are due on the current day are shown in the task overview with a green color code.
  • Tasks with a date are sorted in the task overview by date.
  • Overdue tasks are displayed in dark gray.
  • Task with a high priority are displayed in magenta.